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Solutions for helping companies in their globalization processes

Since 1987 we provide ideas and solutions for helping companies in their globalization processes. Our DNA is made of the know-how and experiences of an economists, lawyers, and accountants team, who day by day, during these almost 30 years, has been in close and permanent contact with our clients’ business reality.

Our services are mainly addressed to non-resident businessmen and investors expanding their business beyond their country borders who need ancillary professional services, different from their core activity, but essential to comply with regulations in their destination country. Among these services we may highlight: company formation and registered office, accounting and payroll services, preparation and filing of financial statements, consolidation of financial statements, relocation services for business owners, executives or employees, as well as, IT solutions.

In brief, outsourcing of all the necessary services for managing a company and complying with its country fiscal, legal, and administrative prerequisites.

What make us different? Our size, location, close rapport with clients; as well as our friendly and personalized client’s relationships.

We are different because we ease our client’s good businesses, because we help them obtain outstanding results, because we provide them with the resources for success.

We put ourselves in your shoes. Contact us; tell us where you want to go.

Support for businesses international expansion, corporate services, outsourcing, relocation, family office, IT solutions

Is your company growing and wants to expand to new markets? We may assist your international expansion so that you may continue focusing on your business, clients and services, while we take care of the country’s compliance, legal and administrative requirements for you. From the company formation and registered office, accounting and payroll, up to balance sheet consolidation; meaning the outsourcing of all the necessary services to make the company backoffice work. Read more about how we may assist you ...

Does your corporate group need to consolidate the financial statements of all its companies? Learn how we can help you ...

Would you like to explore new horizons and move overseas? We suggest a few alternatives depending on your relocation needs: Spain, Malta, Portugal, Principality of Andorra. We have assisted expats and people who have relocated abroad; learn how we may assist you ...

Does your Family Office need corporate support? Learn how we can help you ...

Are you worried about the security or integrity of your company’s digital information? Are you looking for cost effective solutions to your business enterprise communications needs? To learn how we can help you achieve this goal read more...

5th Congress of Colombian International Taxation
Bogota, November 16 and 17, 2016

For third year in a row, IGMASA Management is a proud sponsor of this event; besides, a few of our directors will also attend the congress. We will be delighted to see you here.

Should you be interested in meeting with us in Bogota during the congress, please kindly contact us.

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News Igmasa EU debates about Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)

October 2016

The European Commission proposed the FTT back in 2011 to get a "fair contribution" to the cost of the financial crisis.

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News Igmasa Spain expedites VAT reimbursement for non-EU travelers

October 2016

Customs Department of the Spanish Tax Administration developed a scan process for sealing invoices of VAT reimbursement for non-EU travelers (as foreseen in Spanish VAT law).

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